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There is no energy source more environmentally friendly than the sun & we are qualified to deliver the benefits of this energy into your homes or commercial project as Solar PV Energy. Clean & green solar power is a renewable, sustainable & non-polluting source of energy.


All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use.

energy management

To avoid high electricity bills, you need to keep your homes as energy efficient as possible. Finding ways to save energy and reduce your costs can be a challenge, so where can you start? With the help of Amplivolt we will help to reduce your demand for energy .


Going without power is simply not an option,you cannot afford to rely on one solution working flawlessly 24 hours without a contingency plan.That’s where we come in as installers & providers of routine generator service & repairs to keep your power system functioning well.

electrical installation

We provide nationwide electrical services servicing all sectors in communities across Zimbabwe. We provide management, labor, materials and equipment for the installation and maintenance of electrical and lighting systems, and do it effectively across multi-site or single unit properties.

solar water pumps

Solar power, can be utilised in several of ways to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. With a solar water pump, solar energy is converted into electricity and fed to a pump which circulates water. Solar pumps can be used in borehole, swimming pools, fountains and larger agricultural projects for irrigation and pivot applications.


We offer a full range of HVAC Services. Our area of expertise range from concept design to maintenance of equipment post installation. We offer design and supply HVAC functions and competitive tender pricing on pre-designed systems.

panel wiring

We help to assemble wiring, switches and other electrical units to deliver functional electrical and electronic systems. We have experience in various panel systems from very small to large machinery in various domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our priority is ensuring the construction of the power components of a device or system are wired correctly and safely as provided for in the several statutory and legal requirements.

networking equipment

We offer the very best in etwork equipment and take great pride in helping our clients maintain their networks for less. Our ability to sell quality products along with our reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence is what sets us apart from the rest.